Obama on Malaysia Airlines crash 7-18

LIVE: President Obama's year-end press conference

1:30 p.m. ET: President Obama holds a year-end press conference, before going to Hawaii.


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    Consumer Reports' recent survey covering more than 42-thousand electronics purchases can steer you to the best places to buy.

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    Consumer Reports has just released this year's ratings of the most and least reliable new cars and carmakers.

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    Consumer Reports checked out new technologies that make it easier for drivers to see in the dark.

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    Having a quick clean-up tool over the holidays can be a real timesaver.

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    The controversy is growing over whether foods should be labeled if they contain GMOs

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    Consumer Reports tests those pop-up timers to see just how accurate they really are.

  • Real Deal on Outlet Stores

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    We're spending more than ever at outlet malls, sales are expected to top 42-billion dollars this year.

  • iPhone 6 Bendgate Tests

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    Apple has been taking a lot of heat with reports that its new iPhone 6 phones bend under pressure.

  • Best-Tasting Coffee

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    Coffee sales are on the rise, with most people buying blended coffees, which coffees help you wake up and smell the tastiest.

  • Tablet-Laptop Combos

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    Tablets have been one of the fastest growing consumer electronics, but now there is the "detachable."

  • OLED TV: The Next Big Thing

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    TV manufacturers are phasing out plasmas. So we're left mainly with LCD televisions. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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    Target sells everything from ketchup to coffeemakers in nearly 2-thousand stores throughout the U-S and Canada, but should you buy everything there?

  • The Ford Mustang at 50

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    To really appreciate the 2015 Mustang, you have to appreciate the rich history behind this pony car.

  • Dangers of Portable Heaters

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    Space heaters can warm up a chilly room, but they account for one-third of all home-heating fires each year

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