"In the spotlight these days, super-long lashes from pop star Adele …
… to rap singer Niki Minaj.
But Consumer Reports' medical adviser Dr. Orly Avitzur says be careful
how you get that long-lash look.

Dr. Orly Avitzur
Consumer Reports
"False eyelashes can trap dirt and bacteria, creating irritation and infection.
And they can be difficult to remove."

(NATSOT: Singing)
"Just when you met me…"

Up-and-coming singer Vanessa Racioppo wanted her eyes to pop at a photo
shoot for her CD cover. But fake eyelashes made her miserable.
Her eyelids ached, and taking off the lashes was tough.

Vanessa Racioppo
"I had to, like, soak my eye and pull really hard. And then I kind of pulled
some of my eyelashes out. There was irritation."

Kristin Chenoweth
"It looks like I have lips on my eyelids."

Actress Kristin Chenoweth wore sunglasses on the David Letterman show
after her eyelids swelled up. She got what are called eyelash extensions,
where single fibers are glued to your individual eyelashes.

Dr. Orly Avitzur
"The risks of eyelash extensions are not only an allergic reaction to the
glue but erosion of the inner surface of the eyelids. And they can cause
permanent damage to your natural lashes."

The Internet promotes even more exotic eyelash enhancements -weaving
tiny glass beads onto ultra-thin wire and applying them with an adhesive to
your eyelids.

Dr. Orly Avitzur
"It doesn't take an expert to see trouble coming with sharp objects placed so
close to the eye."

Consumer Reports says you're far better off doing what Vanessa Racioppo
does now - just using mascara to give herself fuller, thicker lashes. ."