Bad Service 6/10/11

Published On: Jun 10 2011 01:06:49 PM CDT   Updated On: Jun 13 2011 04:25:05 PM CDT

  George Starr knows how to fish around to get good customer service. George got Sony to send him a 15-hundred-dollar flat-screen free of charge when his old TV broke - even though it was out of warranty.    George Starr, "The only thing I could really summarize it would be wow!"  But Consumer Reports found plenty of people aren't happy with customer service. Sixty-four percent said they'd walked out of a store because of poor service in the past year.     Among the worst stores for service - Sam's Club and Walmart. Overall, people complained about phone service, too.   "All of our sales agents are currently assisting other customers."   "67 percent of those surveyed told us they didn't get their problem solved. Their biggest complaints - too long a wait on hold, can't get a human being, and too many menus to navigate to get to a real person."    "To make a payment press two. For all other questions press four."  But websites like Dial-A-Human or Get-Human can help. They list customer-service numbers that will get you to a REAL person.    OR do what George Starr did - use social media.   George Starr, "I found a Facebook site going through Google called 'I Have a Defective Sony TV.' And it gives you the e-mail address, phone numbers, tells you exactly the steps that you need to do."    Tod Marks, "Social-networking sites such as Facebook and especially Twitter are powerful tools because companies are actually monitoring these sites to listen to what's being said about them. So if you have a complaint, go online."