Stock market records a good sign, financial planners say

Published On: Mar 07 2013 04:21:23 PM CST
Stock market traders

The stock market has been setting records all week, climbing to heights it's never been.

Those records mean we are finally getting back to where we were in 2007.

Financial planners say it's always a good sign when the market is going up. In fact they want to see more records set because that means things are continually climbing. But as always with the stock market, things could trend down. So is it a good time to invest?

"The key is what the objective of the money is and the time frame of the money," said Mike Klauke, financial planner with Klauke Financial. "If it's long term it still is a great time to systematically invest, if it's short term, because we are at highs, you have to be cautious here."

The Dow Jones industrial average closed at 14,329 on Thursday. That’s the third straight day it has set a record.