Pepsi Japan has announced that its newest soda flavor, "Salty Watermelon," will excite Japanese taste buds for a limited time beginning July 24.

According to MSN, trend-watchers are already predicting that the daring new flavor will outshine the soda giant's past dud: Ice Cucumber Pepsi.

The ShortList reported that Salty Watermelon is capitalizing on a Japanese craze where people sprinkle salt on watermelon to bring out the taste.

The new flavor will join the beverage maker's other regional products, including "Pepsi White," which is infused with yogurt and "Pepsi Pink," which has a strawberry milk taste.

Pepsi rival Coca-Cola has its own unique beverage in Japan -- "The Wellness" is a clear and unflavored soda marketed as "Beauty drinks designed for women who want to look their best at all times."

There's no word on whether any overseas flavors will be introduced, or even welcomed, in U.S. markets.