How to prepare for a plane emergency

Published On: Jul 08 2013 10:32:02 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 17 2014 03:37:00 PM CDT

Multiple plane crashes have dominated the headlines the past few weeks. But despite these particular tragedies, safety advances and improvements in staff training have helped improve air crash survival rates in recent years. Here are 10 things that experts suggest you do to prepare yourself in the unlikely event of a problem on your next flight, according to CNN.

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Don't spend too much time looking for the safest seat: It may not exist. In 2007, Popular Mechanics magazine analyzed data for crashes since 1971 and found that more passengers near the tail of a plane survived crashes than those in the first few rows up front. A seat next to an exit does not always guarantee a speedy evacuation since some exits may not function after an accident. And while an aisle seat may ensure an easier exit, you are also at risk from falling objects from overhead bins.

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