Pet of the Week - Kiara

Pet of the Week - "Kiara"


Kiara is a 3-month-old, un-spayed female, torbie w/ white kitten. She is a high energy little girl! Wand toys, jingly balls, fuzzy mice and a nice cat tree will all be necessary in her new home to keep her out of trouble. Having a kitten like Kiara can be a ton of fun, but they require a lot more attention than an older cat. We encourage asking an adoption counselor for tips on bringing home a kitten. Kiara should do well in a home with other animals given proper introductions. Typically with kittens it is a good idea to provide them with a playmate so they can learn to play gently! She should do well with children as long as there is appropriate parental supervision.

If you would like to help our wonderful friends while they are waiting to be adopted, the Coulee Region Humane Society is always looking for donations. These donations go a long way in making the stay more comfortable for our animal guests.

Click here to view the latest updated Wish List from the Coulee Region Humane Society

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