Stubbs, the beloved honorary feline mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, is now back home after being mauled by a dog.

The 16-year-old cat suffered a punctured lung, a fractured sternum and a 5-inch gash on his side in the attack Aug. 31. But after spending a week in a Wasilla animal hospital, Stubbs is now well enough to return home, according to his owner.

Lauri Stec gathered him up Monday afternoon and took him back to Nagley's General Store, where he lives, The Associated Press reported.

While Stubbs is still in a lot of pain, he's expected to make a full recovery and be back to his feline mayoral duties soon.

The yellow tabby was elected mayor of the quirky town of 900 people 15 years ago as a write-in candidate after residents weren't happy with any of the humans on the ballot, according to CNN.

Because Talkeetna is a "historical district," the position of mayor is more symbolic than anything else.