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Pet of the Week - Frenchie


Meet Frenchie! Frenchie is a Pitbull Terrier and is about 6 years old. Super smart, easy going, and ready to please-this sweet girl is the total package! Frenchie knows how to sit, shake, speak, lie down, drop, and leave it. She is an excellent listener and loves to be around people. She is silly, social and ready for anything. Take her for a walk in the park, a Sunday drive or spend some quality time on the couch-as long as she's in the company of loved ones-she is a happy girl! Frenchie is very well mannered and with time to adjust and proper introductions she should do well in a home with other pets. Frenchie would appreciate children 5 years of age and older. She is very gentle but would enjoy appropriate children. This wonderful girl is looking to be your new family companion!


If you would like to help our wonderful friends while they are waiting to be adopted, the Coulee Region Humane Society is always looking for donations. These donations go a long way in making the stay more comfortable for our animal guests.

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