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Pet of the Week - Bacon

Pet of the Week - "Bacon"


Bacon is a 3 month old, male Walker Coonhound.  Look at that adorable face!  This young man is affectionate, sweet, and playful. Coonhounds can be great companions but Bacon will require a lot of exercise and attention.  As for all coonhounds, Bacon will need to be contained in a fenced area or should be leashed at all times because he will follow his nose!  Bacon will need an owner that is committed to providing him with plenty of socialization and training.  If you are looking for a puppy that is a blue ribbon winner for being sweet, then Bacon is your guy.

If you would like to help our wonderful friends while they are waiting to be adopted, the Coulee Region Humane Society is always looking for donations. These donations go a long way in making the stay more comfortable for our animal guests.

Click here to view the latest updated Wish List from the Coulee Region Humane Society

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The Coulee Region Humane Society actively promotes the humane treatment of animals and positive human-animal relationships.

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