What better way to gauge a man's suitability than by scrutinizing the type of dog he owns? Finding out whether or not you're compatible with a guy might just be as simple as looking at his dog.

Studying your potential mate's "best friend" can help you determine what type of man you are dealing with and whether or not he is your type.

Is the measure of your dog-loving man his willingness to take in a needy stray from the pound or is it more important to you that he insists on acquiring only the most prized or valuable breed?

Of course, it is not simply the dog that defines a man, but his choices and the reasons he makes them that are noteworthy when deciding to date him. But if you need emergency advice on what to look for, here are five dog breeds (and their men) that are easily analyzed for their date-ability.

golden retriever dog closeup

Golden retriever: Settle down with this stable-minded guy

A guy who owns a golden retriever is pretty much guaranteed to be drama-free and stable.

This man is ready to settle down. He probably figures he's already got the family dog, so why not just add the family?

The man who chooses such a canine is likely pretty down to earth and calm. People with this type of dog usually enjoy a lifestyle that includes taking relaxed walks and just being active in the great outdoors.

These dogs are known to be lovable and warm-hearted, just like their owners. Guys with this breed value their devoted companions as much as they value the idea of a shared life. If you are lucky enough to find a guy with a Goldie, snatch him up quickly before someone else does.

pug dog on grass

Pug: Playful, fun-loving men

A man who owns a pug can usually be counted on to make a woman laugh.

These dogs and their men are usually very social even among strangers. They seem to do well when people are showing them love for all that they add to society with their mere presence.

All kidding aside though, men who have pugs are definitely not compensating for anything with the size of their dog -- usually quite the contrary as they have large abilities to bring a smile to their date's face with their playful antics.

Pug owners are super approachable and can have a good time all by themselves. A gal is just lucky to be invited along for the fun.

Go forth with a guy who owns a pug and you can count on light-hearted amusement and possibly sharing this happy-go-lucky approach to life.

beagle, dog, closeup

Beagle: Say hello to the handy, all-American male

The owner of a beagle can best be described as the all-American male. This man enjoys the simple things in life such as hunting, fishing and living the dream.

These men tend to have an upbeat approach to life and do not sweat the details. They can do things like create furniture from scratch and are also man enough to help you decorate the room containing that furniture.

They can do anything they set their minds to and if you end up with a man like this, you will always feel that life is satisfying simply because you're alive.

These men love their hobbies but are unafraid to shower you with the bounty that is their life. They can bake artisan bread and in the same day butcher a deer.

They love their loyal beagles and probably have the capacity to love you just as much.

Welsh corgi dog on the floor