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Tom Hutchison loses his battle with Leukemia

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- La Crosse resident Tom Hutchison wore many hats in his lifetime. La Crosse City employee, County Board Member, hunter, outdoors-men. But most importantly he was a husband, father and grandfather. 

Back in November, we introduced you to Tom and his son Phillip, who had forged an unbelievable bond thanks in part to their years of hunting together. "Not only are we father and son, we're best friends. If I had to pick my best friend, Philip would be my best friend."

Sadly, late last year, Tom lost his battle with Leukemia.

In an interview before he died, Tom talked about living 6 years longer than doctors had predicted. "The doctors told me, 'You're a miracle patient. Your a survivor because you've survived longer than anyone has expected you to.'"


He credited his family, in particular his wife, for the extra days he'd been blessed with. "The biggest factor why I'm still around is my wife. When I wasn't able to take care of business, she did. I have her to that for still being around. Just so she knows."

He had a love of life until the end. "Every night I say a little prayer and thank the lord for a good day. No matter if it's raining and I've gone through chemo, it's a good day. And I pray for more good days."

Tom Hutchison was 63 years old.

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