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In Search Of...The Fab Five!

Some area seniors are a great example of living live to the fullest.

ETTRICK, Wis. --  It's time to shake, rattle, and roll for this five some of friends in Ettrick, Wisconsin. This weekly ritual has been going on for years. But I should mention; they don't ever let 'em roll until first they let 'em fly!

Golfing is the main attraction for these fellas as members of the senior league at the Ettrick golf club. But 'senior' doesn't even begin to describe it!

Meet 81-year-old LeRoy Anderson. "LeRoy is always in a hurry. The person getting things going." "I said we could go it! Nobody's listening!'

Then there's Lee Chenoweth, the best golfer of the bunch. "I will be 20. 20. I was going to say 23. I will be 93 in July." "Lee is pretty taciturn, pretty quiet."

The biggest character is without a doubt Reynolds Tompter. "Time out for tremendous applause." "I'm 95. Born in 1917." "Seems like he's the talker of the bunch." "You got that right!"

And then there's the 'old-man' of the group, the amazingly spry Ray Nereng. "I was 100 four months ago." "He's a true competitor, an athlete."

And we can't forget about the newest addition to the gang, Michael Kittleson, practically a baby at the age of 70. "They don't make me wear diapers or anything!" Michael started as a sub but was soon grandfathered in. "I'm not that good a golfer. And it's a little embarrassing getting beaten by them."


They started playing together out of necessity more than anything. "By natural selection because of the ages and your friends of your younger years aren't around. So we were kind of the leftovers."

Grumpy Old Men they are not. Well, not usually. "When someone is putting when they should shut up, then we talk it out."

"But it's hard to be perfect. I'm one of those that can't keep quiet!!"

Even though they are very seasoned seniors, they refuse to play from the senior tees.

"My attitude towards that is it's too much like the ladies tee offs. So I can't stand that. So I have to go off the white tees."

They try to shoot their age although admit, "it doesn't happen very often any more."

And if for some reason you are still not impressed, guess what they do when the finish the round at this nine hole course? They turn around and start all. over. again. "And you don't get tired? Well that's part of the deal. You've got to get tired."

But don't let them fool you. They may be no spring chickens they will not hesitate to throw the gauntlet down! "I would like to put this five some up against any other five some in the U.S. whose ages would total ours. If you would like to challenge us, we would be happy to meet you with the gloves off."

They finish where we started. A friendly dice game with a one beer wager on the line and the understanding that next, they'll do it all over again. "On the golf course there's nothing but good company." "We all have to have friends and if you have friends, you've got it made. That makes life."

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