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In Search Of...The Coulee Region's Littlest National Champion

An Onalaska boy peddles his way to the top!

ONALASKA, Wis. -- Onalaska's Brodie Mickshyl is like most 6-year-old boys. He likes to color, loves to wrestle and rarely sits still. "He's a very active little boy," says father T.J. Mickschl.  "He loves football, swimming, you name it, he'll get into it an go hard at it."

That is an understatement! When most kids are still learning how to ride a bike, Brodie is maneuvering through some of the toughest BMX bike tracks around.

"Brodie is an excellent rider," says Toad's Cove track owner Andy Todd.

"We have some neighbors that kept telling us about the track because Brodie learned to ride his two wheeler at age three and was really good on it, We kept talking about it and finally mid way through the summer when he was four, we took him out here on his little lightning McQueen dirt bike. He was hooked right away and wanted to keep coming back."

And there's been no stopping little Brodie ever since.

Todd says this is a sport for anyone. "It's a pedal bike. You race your own age. There has to be at least three riders to a race. From boys to girls, teens all the way to older. There's kids racing at 3 years old. As long as you can race without training wheels, you can race. Nobody rides the bench here. Every kid gets to ride their bike."


Despite his size, Brodie is one of Toad Cove's biggest superstars. "When he turned 5 we started traveling around the state to the state qualifying races."

He took 1st place in two of the three state qualifying races he entered. "We debated, where do we go next? And they decided - The Grand National Championships in Tulsa Oklahoma. "We thought, let's just bring him down there and have some fun and see what he does. And the next thing you know, he's in the championship race."

"We were waiting in line for the start of the championship race and he said, 'Dad? should I win this race?' I'm looking at the other dads next to me saying, 'Just do a good job, Brodie. Work your hardest. Do the best you can.' And he looked at me and said," "I said that I would win."

"And he went out and led the whole race and won it."

And best of all - the enormous trophy that came home with them. "It's red and has 4 sections and it's big. Bigger that my mom and dad."

"I'm definitely proud and my wife is very proud and it's been fun for the whole family to go to these races and watch him go."

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