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Four La Crosse Teens Find Rock Fame

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- If you live along the busy Losey Boulevard in La Crosse, you expect to hear the chaotic sounds of rolling tires and screeching breaks. But in this nearby basement, the orchestra of traffic rolls and rocks.

Meet Theo Pupillo, Matt Clark, Jake Evers and Nick Maas.  Or as they are collectively known - Neon! "We started playing together as a band at the end of the 7th grade as a full group." "When we first got everyone together, we weren't very good."

But my how times have changed. These Central High school students have played Summerfest. They've been featured on international radio stations. And just put out their first music video. But this foursome is not your typical teenage band. This foursome gets their inspiration from some of the classics. "I think the first time I heard magical mystery tour by the Beatles, that's when I really got hooked on music."

They cover the Beatles, the Rolling Stones. But it's their original music that truly sets them apart. "We started writing music and recording songs after awhile."


Today they regularly book gigs around the community. But admit, rock and roll isn't all it's cracked up to be. "Is it true rockers get the chicks? No."

They are still very much high school boys at heart. "MOM!!!" "MOM!" "Mrs. Clark!!!"

"As someone who is not in to sports, it is something to do."

"Getting to meet these cool guys and Jam with these cool dudes."

"We'll take it to where it leads us and either way we've already had a lot of fun doing it. We could stop right now and look back and say, that was pretty sweet."

If you would like to learn more about Neon and their upcoming shows, you can check out their Facebook page. Just do a search for Neon. And if you would like to get your hands on some of their music you can find their CD at Deaf Ear or Dave's Guitar shop. Their music is also available for download on iTunes and Band Camp.

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