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In Search Of...G-E-T's 'Vocal Point!'

A local choir is set for the International stage.

6-29-12 - GALESVILLE, Wis. -- School may be out for summer, but for the kids that make up G-E-T's 'Vocal Point,' the work has only just begun. "It's a 16 member acapella auditioned group."

"Which means we don't use any music."

"It's pretty competitive. Last year we had close to 70 kids audition for 4-5 spots."

"We sing choral music. We sing pop music." "We sing contemporary acapella." "We do shows for old people, young people." "It's just a really fun group. That's the bottom line."

Fun, but very, very focused. Because this group is about to compete in a once in a lifetime opportunity. And it all started when director Ryan Stuempges caught a TV show on BBC America that followed a choirs' journey to the World Choir Games. "After I got done watching it, I wanted to see, 'Is this a real event?' And sure enough I went online and it was a real event...and then I found out the 7th annual World Choir games was gonna take place in Cincinnati, Ohio this summer."


Never before have the games been held in the U.S. and Mr. Stuempges saw that as a sign! "I kind of pitched it to my principal and the students and parents and they were like, 'we can't pass this up.'"

They put together an audition CD, sent it in and waited. And in early November they found out - they. were. in. And even more exciting, "we're the only group from the entire state of Wisconsin."

Choirs of all ages, of all sizes and of all music types will be competing in the games, not to mention the huge crowds they'll be performing in front of. "There's gonna be like 200,000 people there."

"It's crazy. We've been so excited all year long. We're super pumped for it."

"Lots of early morning wake ups." "This last week we've been here everyday at 7:00."
"This is the highlight of my year. This group is just the greatest." "It's like a family almost."

"I'm addicted to the group at this point. Cause at this point we're so close, the word family is brought up quite often. It's just cool how all those different personalities that they have all just kind of come together and we're doing one thing, one main thing and that's we love singing and they love each other. Honestly."

And Mr. Stuempges, or "Stumps" as he's called, is ready to take their love for each other and their music and literally share it with the world. "Music is not just here in the U.S. but it's all over the place and it brings everyone together. It's a universal language. It doesn't matter if you're singing in that language. Just by listening, you can feel what's talking place. That's the coolest part. It's such a great lesson and they're gonna understand it more when they're singing with the 70 different countries that are going to be there."

"I am pumped. I think we're all ready to go."

The group fund raised every dollar of the cost of the trip, doing what they do best - singing!

The choir will actually be putting on their final performance of the season right before they leave. You can see 'Vocal Point' in person on July 3rd at 7:30 in the G-E-T High School Auditorium. And it is free!

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