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In Search Of...Dandy's Frozen Treats: Update!

Young Ice Cream Entrepreneurs are Expanding Their Business

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- It's been two years since we first met Dan Weber and Andy Tyink. Back in the summer of 2010 these two La Crosse teens bought and refurbished an old 1950's bike equipped with a freezer and launched Dandy's Frozen Treats.

They've been a huge hit with pool goers and park dwellers and by all accounts a success story. But that also presented a few problems. " A, we have two people and only one bike. B, with the Bike, you can really only go a couple miles away before you're ready to pass out." Luckily a popular website would present the solution to their growing pains.

Take a look at this 1973 Cushman Truckster. "We found it on e-bay. There's not a ton of them around."

For four thousand bucks..."pretty much our life savings," Dan and Andy brought this baby home. And then the real work began. "It didn't come with a title so it took us three months to come up with a title. Then I had to get a motorcycle license."


"We actually had to build the box. So there were a lot of labor intensive hours in that. Then we had the awning built and the music put on." "Big process, but very satisfying."

The new truck has the same favorite treats, the same logo, "It's the same song." But now they are able to expand their clientele. "So now we can go to the north side we can even go to Onalaska."

"It still doesn't feel like a job to me." "Best job in La Crosse I think. I love it. And you're working for yourself. Make your own hours. I love it."

"No matter how bad of a day I'm having, it doesn't matter. Once I get on the bike, all my stress seems to go away. That's what I love about it."

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