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LA CROSSE, Wis. - Packers Pride is out in full force! Homes across Cheese nation are decked out in their finest green and gold. You've got jerseys, you've got flags, you've got - STEELERS STUFF!?!

11-year-old Cameron Sahagian-Crandall is a die hard Steelers fan. His mother Jan, a life long packer backer. "I actually started out in high school selling programs for the Packers. Course I started out when he was four taking him to Packers training camp every year hoping to make a Packer fan out of him."


"I was 8-years-old and had hear the Steelers were a really good football team and I checked out a book about the Steelers and I've just continued to like them."

It's a similar story over at the McIlquham household in La Crosse. "I've always watched the packers." "I grew up in Cadott, WI and our mascot was the hornets, so were black and gold. I thought it was neat to follow a team whose colors were the same as my high schools team."

For both families, up until now their separate allegiance has been a fun rivalry. "It never mattered until the last 8 days."

But throw one little Lombardi trophy in the mix...and things can really heat up. "Last year the Pack and Steelers played each other in the regular season and we had a bet that one of us would have to wear the others jersey to school if their team lost."

And she's not the only one dealing with Curt's fanfare. His students at Onalaska high school are getting a mouth full at every turn.

Jan and Cameron on the other hand are playing nice - so far! "This last week, I let him have his glory...he lets me have mine. I figure I'll be happy either way. If the Packers win I'll be ecstatic, if the Steelers win I'll be happy for my son."

Two families on two different sides of the field. The big question...who will walk away victorious?

"I'm going to predict of course the Packers...35-27." "I say 34-31 Steelers." "I was gonna go 27-24 Packers." "I'm gonna say Steelers...hopefully Steelers 24-23."

This could be interesting.

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