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In Search Of...Adoption: Part 1

A West Salem Couples Life is Changed By Adoption

WEST SALEM, Wis. -- Clint and Kymberly West's adoption story actually starts as a love story. "He lived upstairs in a house and I lived in the downstairs apartment and we just kind of bumped in to each other one day. She couldn't resist me." 

Kymberly was just 19 and Clint was 23 when their whirlwind romance began. "I think I fell for him because he's just so happy and positive and encouraging. I've just never been around anyone like that before. He was kind of a breath of fresh air." "When I met Kymberly I was like, 'That chick is smokin' hot.' And when she would listen to me she would turn her whole body around and it made me feel like, 'wow. I must have something really smart to say.' I felt like - that could be a great teammate right there."

One year later - they said 'I do.' "We got married the day after I turned 20. My mom was like, 'you cannot get until your 20.' So we waited until the day after!" 

Kids were always on the horizon for Clint and Kymberly and they didn't wait long to start their family. On September 14th, 2004, little Ever West arrived to open all be it 'nervous' arms. "I wasn't the girl that babysat a lot. I just remember them saying, 'talk to your baby.' And I was like, uh....I don't know what to say!'" "It awakened a part of me that I didn't know was there."


And two years later on January 9th, 2006, their son Boaz David joined the gang. "He was voted most unique name of 2006 at the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital. It was in the newspaper. He's pretty much famous. You've probably heard of him."  

Now from the start, Clint and Kymberly talked about adopting someday. "There was somehow this hankering. There are 100 million orphans out there and we can't adopt them all...but we can make a dent."

And yet something was holding them back, until they watched their neighbors welcome home an adopted child. "It's a scary thing, 'am I going to feel the same? Our family's going to look so different.' It's a scary thing to think about until you see it and then you think, 'that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.' It was such a cool thing to watch."

In January of 2008 they started the adoption process and just four months later, 'we got a call on Saturday morning. Hey we have a baby boy in Chicago. You can come pick him up.' 

Onesimus Andrew West, named after a man in the bible was born May 30th, 2008.  "It's a big name and I think he's gonna grow into it."

Holding Onesimus brought instant joy, but it also brought an added pressure they hadn't experienced with their other children. "The weight of, she thinks we're going to do a better job than her. That's a weight I still carry today. She's entrusted this life to us and she doesn't even know us."  "From getting Onesemus on kind of changed my mothering because if he would cry in the middle of the night it was like, 'I get to go get you.' For some reason I get to be your mom. It was a privilege to get him when he was crying or to hold him or to take care of him."

Such a privilege that in 2009 Clint and Kymberly wanted to do it again. "So I go online and I find this ad for this baby that's due that same day. And I call Clint and I said - I think we're going to have to go to Texas by Sunday. This was on a Friday and we had to be there on a Sunday. We all hopped into a car - all of us and his mom and drove to Texas and snagged him up."

"We were negotiating to Dallas all the way about the name. But he always gets to pick the names..."

On December 4th, 2009, Rock William stole their hearts. "Seeing him for the first time I was like, 'he's mine.'"

Four children. Two biological, two adopted, all equally loved. But for Clint and Kim...something was still missing. And it turns out that 'something' was waiting for them on the other side of the world.

Tune in next Thursday at 6 p.m. to see the conclusion of the West adoption story!

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