The dieting aisles of your local grocery store feature a vast array of pill choices that vie for your attention, many boasting advertisements that weight will drop almost instantaneously from your body if you take the pill.

Most of us avoid the deceitful advertising and know that we can't instantly lose weight safely. However, there are some simple ways to assist your weight loss efforts in a healthy way, including choosing foods that have the reputation of burning fat.


You may have seen commercials toting the benefits of milk in diet plans. The theory behind this statement is that the calcium in milk acts as a metabolic trigger as well as being a good source of complex carbohydrates, which can boost your metabolism.

This boost will keep your insulin levels low after you eat a meal. High insulin is undesirable since it means your body will think it needs to store fat.

A University of Tennessee study found that when dieters consumed 1,200 to 1,300 mg of calcium every day, they lost almost twice as much as dieters who had less calcium in their diets.

An additional perk to adding more milk to your diet is the added benefits of maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are beneficial for your body in many ways, including that the rich source of fiber will keep your metabolism pumping and will rev up calories you burn every day. Foods such as cereal and oatmeal also keeps your insulin levels low.They also have the added benefit of keeping you feeling full longer so you can successfully dodge the snack machine.

Spicy Foods

You may avoid these types of food since they could require you to keep a pitcher of water at your side through the meal. However, if you can brave these menu choices, spicy foods burn more calories, as well as doing an excellent job boosting your metabolism.

One study reported by the Laval University of Quebec found that men who consumed coffee and red-peppered snacks and meals burned almost 1,000 more calories a day than the control group, also according to AOL Health.

Green tea

Long touted as a healthy alternative to coffee, this little cup of power contains a chemical called EGCG that causes the brain and nervous system to speed up. It will also assist your body in burning more calories through the day.

A cup of tea with each meal will help keep you on track with your weight loss plans. The EGCG in the tea works similar to caffeine, except the caffeine makes your heart race faster.

Green tea will not only help you in your weight loss efforts, but rumors of the added health benefits of this drink choice make it desirable to add to your regular beverage choices, since some say it can also fight cancer and heart disease, delay dementia and prevent strokes.


It's good to know the turkey on your holiday table can help you maintain your dieting plans and goals. This main dish choice is an excellent source of lean protein that also is an excellent way to boost your metabolism.

Just don't forget to remove the skin before eating to save those extra calories for a piece of pumpkin pie.A turkey breast is also a versatile meat choice that can be used just like chicken in your meals; you can stir-fry, grill and enjoy this lean meat year-around on your grocery list instead of just for your holiday table.