And America's favorite condiment is...

Hellmann's mayonnaise bests salsa, ketchup

Published On: Sep 19 2011 01:40:43 PM CDT
Hellmann's mayonnaise

Spread the news: America's favorite condiment is not ketchup or salsa, but Hellmann's mayonnaise, the New York Post reported.

Hellmann's racked up $401.2 million in sales last year, according to Businessweek -- nearly a third of the $1.3 billion U.S. mayo market.

Heinz Ketchup was a distant third with $278.6 million in sales, edged out by the $286.2 million worth of Tostito's salsa sold last year.

Mayo's dominance is such that the varieties account for five of the 10 most popular condiment brands, including Best Foods and Kraft, the Post reported Sunday.

According to SymphonyIRI Group, a market-research firm that analyzed the sales data, nearly 400 million containers of mayonnaise were sold in the year ending Sept. 5, 2010.

Mustard didn't show up on the list until No. 7, with French’s Classic, which sold $88 million of the yellow stuff last year.