Going on a canoe trip can be a great summer getaway. Before you head out take a look at these tips for a successful trip.

Choose a destination: Deciding what river you are going to travel on should be the first step in planning a canoe trip. Depending on the river, it will determine what kind of water conditions you can expect, and what amenities are in the area. This will also help you determine how long your trip will be. Make sure you get a detailed map of the area.

Get a canoe: If you already own a canoe, you are all set. But if you’re planning on renting one make sure you reserve it for the days you’re planning on going on your trip.

Pack food and water: Make sure you pack plenty of food and water for your trip. Try not to bring perishable food, and instead opt for canned or packaged food. Also make sure you bring plenty of bottled water. You will likely get hot and will get in a good workout while canoeing, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Check the weather: Before you head out on your trip make sure you check the weather. This will help you prepare for the various conditions you might have to endure.

First aid supplies: Be sure to pack a small first aid kit in case any injuries occur. Also make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant.