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  • Preconception Wellness

    Preconception Wellness
    Eric Rotert, M.D.
    Family Medicine
    Mayo Clinic Health System in Sparta

Preconception Wellness Articles from Mayo Clinic Health System

Preconception planning: Is your body ready for pregnancy?

If you've decided to get pregnant, you may already be emotionally prepared to have a baby. Now it's time to find out if your body is ready for the task ahead.

Pregnancy after 35: Healthy moms, healthy babies

If you're older than 35 and hoping to get pregnant, you're in good company. Many women are delaying pregnancy well into their 30s and beyond — and delivering healthy babies. Taking special care can help give your baby the best start.

How to get pregnant?

Some couples seem to get pregnant simply by talking about it. For others, it takes plenty of patience and a bit of luck. If you're wondering how to get pregnant, start the old-fashioned way. Here's what you need to know — and when to seek help.

Prenatal care: First-trimester visits

Prenatal care is an important part of a healthy pregnancy. Whether you choose a family physician, obstetrician or nurse-midwife, prenatal care is the key to monitoring your health — and your baby's health — throughout your pregnancy. Here's what to…


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