A former chairman on Wisconsin's Medical Examining Board is calling Wisonsin "a dumping ground for bad physicians who want to get their foot in the American medical system."

The statement comes as lawmakers propose a new bill which increases the number of years medical students need before being licensed.

The bill would require medical students to have two years of training instead of just one.

The director of medical education and research at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse says the chairman's statement is a little over the top, but he does agree with the bill.

He says regardless of its outcome, it won't change anything the hospital does in terms of hiring. "With medical knowledge being what it is today, there's no way that one can sort of learn enough to be a quality practicing physician in that limited amount of graduate medical education," said Tom Grau.

The director says Mayo Clinic Health System hires people who are board certified which takes longer than a year to earn.