Now is the time to think of allergies in La Crosse

Avoid allergens in the home

Now is the time to think of allergies...

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) - Spring has not quite sprung in the La Crosse area, but now is the time to start thinking about allergies.

Allergists recommend starting your allergy medications now to prevent symptoms when the allergy season picks up.

Above-freezing temperatures overnight push the allergy season forward as plants begin blooming, and allergists say keeping those allergens from getting inside your house can help prevent symptom flare-ups.

"One of the things people love to do as soon as the weather starts getting warm is opening up all the doors and windows in the house and letting the fresh air in. While that can be refreshing, it really introduces a lot of allergens into the house as well. I do recommend to my patients to keep the windows and doors closed even though it's really tempting to get them open,” said Gundersen Health System Allergy Specialist Jared Darevaux, M.D.

Allergists also recommend not leaving your clothes outside to dry as they can collect pollens in the air.

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