New 'Patient at Risk' database helping emergency responders

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A new online "Patient at Risk" database is helping emergency responders treat kids with special medical conditions.

Parents who have kids with special conditions like congenital heart defects or seizure disorders can add that information to the database. That way if the child needs emergence care, first responders have that information at the push of a button.

It not only helps first responders, but can be very helpful to parents during a stressful time.

"Often times they may know the history and may know, and usually do know their child's medical history extremely well, but they may not know all of the medications or they may be stressed at the time and this gives us the ability to go in and log in and find out that true information and it really takes some of the that pressure off the parent," said Tom Tornstrom of Tri-State Ambulance.

The program was recently rolled out for ambulance services and hospitals statewide. To create an account for your child or for more information, click here to access the Patient at Risk database.


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