Local health professionals are getting behind the Surgeon General's warning about tanning.

Earlier this week he called it a "major public health concern."

Dr. Boris Lushniak's report said five million Americans are treated for skin cancer each year and nearly one in ten of those are linked to indoor tanning.

Dermatologists like Mary Duh, Mayo Clinic Health Systems Physician’s Assistant of Dermatology, were thrilled to have the Surgeon General's support. She said they've known about the dangers of tanning and melanoma for years and hope people take this warning to heart.

"Tanning beds, especially, are very harmful to the skin, they significantly increase the risk for developing skin cancers, such as melanoma, one exposure to a tanning bed increases your risk of melanoma three-fold, which is not good odds,” said Duh.

She said if you want to be tan try fake tan sprays or lotions. As far as she knows those are safe.