Fortified cereals may cause health risks to kids

Labels caculated for adults

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The saying  too much of a good thing is proving to be right when it comes your child's morning bowl of cereal.

That's based on a new report by the Environmental Working Group, a health research organization out of Washington D.C. The report says millions of children are taking in unhealthy amounts of nutrients each morning.  Doctors say this is because the suggested intake amounts on the labels are actually calculated for adults.

"The R.D.A's for vitamins and minerals are different for adults than they would be for a child. Our size is different, you know, we're not growing and they are, you know are needs are just different, " said Gundersen Health System's Registered Dietitian, Valerie Pampuch.

Too much Vitamin A., Zinc, and Niacin which are commonly found in fortified cereal can cause damage to your liver, immune system,  while bringing a long a number of other health issues.

The FDA is now updating nutrition fact labels, something it hasn't done since 1968.

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