American Red Cross urges families to prepare for disasters

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The American Red Cross is encouraging families to be better prepared in case of an emergency.

September is disaster preparedness month.

They said families should take a few minutes and make a disaster plan in case of an emergency.

They also said it's a good idea to make a disaster kit that has things like food, water, medication and blankets.

During a disaster, families often have just minutes to react, so having a plan and kit in place can save lives.

"With families wrapping up summer activities and focusing on back to school and all the other events that happen during the fall, it's a great time for families to take those extra few minutes and consider preparedness," said Ben Hein of the American Red Cross. "Consider their family's safety, and the materials their families may need during times of disaster."

If you need help making a disaster kit and plan, the Red Cross has developed mobile phone apps to help.

They are tailored for specific disasters that also tell people what to do during a disaster.

They are free in any mobile app store or on


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