Study: Multi-vitamin supplements don't prevent heart problems

Published On: Nov 08 2012 08:05:23 AM CST   Updated On: Nov 08 2012 08:04:00 AM CST
Vitamin, supplement

A new study suggests the most common dietary supplement does not help prevent heart problems.

Researchers followed 15,000 men over an 11 year period, half of whom took a multi-vitamin everyday.  Theothers took a placebo.

Results showed little to no difference between the rates at which the men in the study had heart attacks or suffered from Cardiac Disease.

A Registered Dietitician at Gundersen Lutheran says multi-vitamins do offer benefits, but they are not miracle pills.

"Don't just use vitamins or supplements to replace eating healthy foods or replace exercising or healthy behaviors you should already be doing," says Gina Dolenti.

About 1/3 of Americans take a multi-vitamin every day.