Smart phones help breast cancer patients

Gadgets can track symptoms, give advice

Published On: May 13 2011 01:06:24 PM CDT
cell phone

A new program helps breast cancer patients use their cell phones to get better treatment, according to a news release from the Ohio State University.


A pilot program gave patients devices loaded with step-by-step guides to managing their care. It can also help track their treatments and symptoms.


"If a patient is having problems with fatigue, a video pops up on the device and the patient is asked to watch the video on how to talk to their doctor about fatigue," said Doug Post, who helped develop the program.


People who had the devices while going through chemotherapy had less pain than those in a control group, researchers said.


Post said that it helps because even people in treatment often go weeks between seeing a doctor, and that can lead to forgetting or downplaying certain symptoms.


"If symptoms aren't discussed, they're likely not going to be treated, and if they're not treated, they're going to get worse," Post said.


The researchers said the study was so successful they want to expand their efforts. They want to test the devices in more rural areas.