Preventing spread of the flu

Published On: Jan 14 2013 04:26:01 PM CST
Flu season starting to break

The flu continues to spread through the La Crosse area. There are now more than 350 confirmed cases at local hospitals.

One way the flu spreads fast is on common surfaces such as elevator buttons, door knobs, and money. The virus can live for up to 24-hours on a surface so it's a good idea to be extra cautious when you are using some of these common things.

People who do get sick will be infected and contagious a day before they start feeling symptoms.

While avoiding common surfaces is a good way to keep from getting the flu, it's not the best way. "The biggest prevention measures are getting a vaccine to protect yourself, frequent hand washing, covering your cough and sneezes so you're not spreading those germs to other people and you're not contaminating surfaces as well," said La Crosse Co. Health Department's Christine Berth.

If you do start feeling sick, there are anti-virals that can help treat your symptoms. They are most effective in the first 48-hours that you start feeling sick.