The La Crosse County Health Department is stressing the importance of getting your child vaccinated, as part of national Infant Immunization Week.

The health department says there are 14 different diseases that can be prevented if you child gets the recommended vaccines.

Up to 80-percent of two-year-olds in our area are up to date on their immunizations, but the health department would like to see that number go up.

They say vaccines not only help protect the vaccinated infant, but also help protect entire communities. 

"Since vaccines have started to be manufactured we've seen a dramatic decline in the number of people with the vaccine preventable disease or the number of deaths from a vaccine preventable disease," said Bryany Weigel, public health nurse.

All this week the La Crosse County Health Department is offering vaccines free-of-charge to children under the age of two years old who qualify for the Vaccine for Children program.

The appointment has to be made this week, April 22-26.

Call (608) 785-9723 to discuss eligibility or to schedule an appointment for your child.