Students work on design of Compassion Project showcase

Canvasses to be displayed at the Pump House in May

Designing the Compassion Project Display

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Local students are figuring out how to showcase thousands of pieces of art depicting what compassion means.

Students from the La Crosse Design Institute (LDI) are working with a local designer on the Compassion Project display.

Each of the approximately 6,000 students in the School District of La Crosse are creating a picture on a canvass tile of what compassion means to them. They will be shown off at the Pump House Regional Arts Center downtown La Crosse and there's a limited space to fit all of the tiles into.

"Now 6,000 pieces fitting into a small area, we can't take up the whole area, because there's going to be weddings and we don't want to mess with someone's engagement," said Austin Hanson, LDI 6th grader.

"They looked at sketching and scaling," said Maggie McHugh, LDI advisor. "Students were getting critiques, working with ideas and own professional team."

On top of designing the display, the students also figured out the budget. The display will go up for two months at the beginning of May.

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