La Crosse band signs record deal

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A local 3-piece 'heavy' band signed a recording contract with Innerstrength Records in Philadelphia, PA.

RIG TIME!'s soon to be released 10-track album, 'War', will be produced by Innerstrength Records. Members Bryan and wife, Rebecca Fleming along with Bassist Mark Trueman are proud of this partnership.

The trio have been together since August of 2014. They first entered the Coulee Region's music scene by performing at the Warehouse in downtown La Crosse.

RIG TIME!'s first EP, 'Aweful' was released in December of 2014. They followed up with another 4-track EP called 'Devout' in March of 2015 and their most recent release is a 7-track EP titled 'Sick of It', released in June of 2016.

“We support music and art above all else, and all ages shows are vital to keeping a music scene alive and thriving,” Bryan Fleming explains.

“I wouldn't be here if I wasn't for the shows I attended as a young teenager, finding myself and who I am. We firmly believe someone needs to stand up for the future and growth in the music scene. By shutting out individuals due to age, it's shutting out new perspectives, new ideas and a revolving door of new musicians; who can fall in love with live music at an age of discovery. Age restricted shows may always exist, we will just not be playing any of them. We believe that the music is more important that any other aspect.”

Due for release on October 20, 'War', will be distributed by Sony Red Distribution through Innerstrength Records.

RIG TIME! Will roll out for a three-week tour on Friday morning. They will join fellow Innerstrength artists Nashville-based ‘Death Card,’ on a 15-stop tour through the Midwest, before heading out for a return to the East Coast; shows set for Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.

The last leg of the tour will be RIG TIME!’s first-ever venture into the deep south, with shows booked in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida; the week of August 29th. The Innerstrength train will then pass through Memphis, TN on their final stop, with a show at the RockHouse on September 2nd, before returning home.


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