Alabama lawmakers were deluged with complaints and forced to explain that they had not concocted a new pi recipe.

No. 1: The Left-Handed Whopper - 1998

To many customers, Burger King merely seemed to be taking its "Have it your way" slogan to new extremes as it unveiled a new Left-Handed Whopper, which claimed to finally get the condiments in the right place for America's lefties.

A full-page ad in USA Today trumpeted the culinary curiosity on April 1, 1998.

The restaurant reported that lots of left-handers -- and righties, BK noted gleefully -- swallowed the prank whole, eagerly lining up to get the correct burger. No doubt Burger King reveled in the sales boost and free publicity the prank generated later.

Perhaps harried lunch-rush customers merely couldn't be slowed long enough to consider that the fully rotatable round sandwiches had never really been a problem before. Would more of them have caught on if the chain had offered a side of french fries for the brown-eyed?