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No. 2: The Grunge look

Depression, suicide, and messy hair have been popular for centuries. They didn't become a fashion trend, however, until Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden popularized it with depressing music, anger, and really bland clothes.

No single group embraced the flannel shirts, dingy-colored clothes, and unkempt hair more enthusiastically than maladjusted teens. Maladjusted adults still find it cool for that matter.

In fact, a group of 100 adults still living in their parents' basement were sequestered and forced to watch archived videos of themselves in a mosh pit at a Pearl Jam concert. All but seven of them threw something at the TV. The remaining seven wrote a mournful song about the experience.

After earning millions, the bands who made grunge popular were no longer angry and began producing crappy-happy music, all but ending the fashion trend.

Feeling sad? This next fad will pump you up ...

retro Reebok Pumps shoes

No. 1: Reebok Pumps

Dominique Wilkins of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks began wearing Reebok Pumps toward the end of 1989, priming them to become the most popular shoe of the early 1990s.

After Dee Brown won the NBA's slam dunk contest in 1991, the high-priced shoes became a status symbol on inner-city playgrounds and in suburban high schools. Reebok produced a version of its popular shoe for tennis, football, and track.

A group of 100 adults wearing Air Jordans were sequestered and forced to watch archived videos of themselves bent over on a track trying to impress the opposite gender by pumping up their shoe during PE class. Over half the group was slightly turned on. The other half stared at the floor uncomfortably until they eventually untied their shoes and scratched their feet.

Reebok now sells an updated version of the classic shoe. Nobody's buying it.

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