But nothing is as tacky as a breast with a dent in it.

In addition to Janet Jackson, Vivica Fox was also photographed in a dress that showed off a big dent in her own breast. Let's hope this isn't the start of a trend.

Our next celebrity didn't stop at designing clothes ...

Donatella Versace, closeup

No. 2: Donatella Versace

Fashion designer Donatella Versace made the mistake of trying to redesign her face.

She should have stuck with designing clothes. Her face is now all out of proportion, with a big nose and huge lips that look as if they belong on a horse.

To make matters worse, Versace often wears so much dark eye makeup that her eyes appear to recede and almost disappear, making her face look as if it were all nose and lips.

It's not as though Versace, who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars, couldn't afford to hire the best plastic surgeons in the world. Yet she ended up with a face that looked as if it had been worked on by a medical-school dropout.

Moral of the story No. 1: Plastic surgery is not an exact science. Moral of the story No. 2: Horses are for riding, not for using as models for your face.

Last up, when plastic surgery goes really wrong, even pets aren't safe ...

Courtney Love, 2009

No. 1: Courtney Love's dog

Courtney Love, the rocker who is not know for leading a sedate life, experienced a weird tragedy when her breast implant killed her dog.

Love had her breast implants removed, but kept them as a souvenir. One day, her Pomeranian ate one of them and was poisoned and died.

Love's press agent claimed that the fatal implant was not actually Love's implant, but a different one that was a Mexican bootleg. That's the kind of explanation that makes things even less clear than they were before.

If true, why was Love keeping an implant that wasn't hers around the house? And are bootleg implants more toxic to small dogs than official implants?

Celebrities, to be safe, after removing any bootleg implants, be sure to store them out of the reach of your pets.

It's OK to mangle your own features, dent your own breasts, tighten your face to the breaking point. Really, we appreciate the laughs you provide. Just make sure that no animals are hurt in the making of your disastrous new look.