Flipping on the news or walking through the checkout line these days has become a minefield of celebrity drama stories.

It is basically impossible to watch a news broadcast without being inundated with stories about which celebrity is getting a divorce, who is having baby mama drama, or who got in a fight at which club over the weekend.

And don't even get us started about those tabloids and magazines that always seem to have the same cover story about "This Celebrity's Shocking (You fill in the blank)!"

If 2011 has given you a bad case of celebrity overload, join us for a look at five celebrities we are hoping will stop flaunting their scandals and get out of our faces in the coming year.

Kim Kardashian

No. 5: The Kardashian clan

Every time we think that everything has been said about the Kardashians, they manage to come up with something that gets their faces splashed across the tabloids all over again.

The message that Kourtney is pregnant again came soon after Kim's divorce announcement. Apparently her $10 million wedding wasn't enough to keep the love between her and Kris Humphries alive.

Even younger brother Rob Kardashian took his turn in the spotlight, making it all the way to the finals of season 13 of "Dancing with the Stars," where he won second place.

And then there's the nail polish line, fragrance line, and is Khloe being sued for assault and battery? The stunts just keep coming, and frankly, we're tired of it. And what's with all the "K" names, anyway?

Lindsay Lohan

No. 4: Lindsay Lohan

LiLo was such a promising child star. Her roles in "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday" won her acting awards and tons of publicity, but lately, we feel a little bored with her.

The actress/singer/model keeps getting herself into trouble with the law, but we just want our favorite "Mean Girl" back.

Since 2007, Lohan has had multiple DUI offenses and visits to different rehab facilities. She could have gotten through this much more easily, but the terms of her probation keep somehow slipping her mind.

Her courtroom battles thus far have all gone similarly -- she is sentenced to jail time, gets put on probation, goes to jail briefly (if at all), then violates her probation and starts the cycle all over again.

Maybe after her recent Playboy photo shoot, the star will clean up her act, but we hope maybe she'll keep it out of the tabloids in the future.

Justin Bieber

No. 3: Justin Bieber

Teen idol Justin Bieber has had tweens around the world in awe of his beautiful singing voice since being discovered in 2008. With help from other artists like Usher, Ludacris and, more recently, Boyz II Men, Biebs became a pop sensation before even hitting puberty.

Since his fame skyrocketed, his face has been splashed across the tabloids, especially in photos of him and his Disney star girlfriend Selena Gomez. There was even a Facebook rumor going around about him being stabbed by a crazed fan.

The recent paternity suit against Bieber caught a lot of attention, with tween fans everywhere hoping to hear those magic words, "You are NOT the father!" And then there was the debate over how it would impact his relationship with Gomez and wondering what she thinks of the whole debacle.

Personally, we were praying their return flight from a recent romantic getaway to Mexico got stuck so that we could stop puking over their cuteness.

Ashton Kutcher

No. 2: Ashton Kutcher