Baby Born on Highway


Baby born on side of road in Onalaska

Rachel Arenz and her husband Myron were on their way to a doctor's appointment Friday morning when she went into labor.

Viola cancels community tradition due to flood

For the past 85 years, Viola has celebrated a long-standing tradition. But for the first time this year, Viola is going without its community tradition.

image; aerial flooding

Aerial footage shows extent of flooding damage in Vernon Co.

From the air, you can get a better idea of how widespread the flooding is in Vernon County.

De Soto Football Field


De Soto football field destroyed from flooding

Fans of De Soto High School football will have to go without home games for the rest of the year because of the flooding.

teacher gives student kidney

Becky Doyle via CNN

Teacher donates kidney to student

Most people have a story or two about teachers who really gave of themselves. But Natasha Fuller's most likely trumps everyone's.


Spider blamed for causing rollover car crash in Oregon

An unexpected visitor hitching a ride caused a rollover car wreck in Oregon.

WKBT, News8000

Walker tours flooding in Gays Mills

Governor Scott Walker was in the area surveying flooding damage Saturday.
Walker visited Black River Falls, De Soto and Gays Mills.

Police lights


Flooding plays a factor in second Vernon County death

Officials report flooding played a factor in a second death in Vernon County Thursday.


3-year-old ejected from SUV in Dodge County crash

Investigators say alcohol appears to be a factor in a crash in which a toddler was thrown from an SUV in Dodge County.

CNN Yahoo graphic


You could have a Yahoo account without even knowing it

Think you're not affected by the massive hack of 500 million Yahoo accounts? Think again.