Chicken farm

Augie Martin via CNN

1.9 million pounds of chicken recalled

National Steak and Poultry issued a recall of more 1.9 million pounds of its ready-to-eat chicken products, the Unites States Department of Agriculture said…

Dentist, dental office


VA dental patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis

Nearly 600 patients who received dental care at a Wisconsin Veterans Affairs medical center may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and C and now face an…

Johnson and Johnson headquarters

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Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $1 billion settlement

A federal jury in Dallas has ordered Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics to pay more than $1 billion to a group of plaintiffs over…

Dad and son matching scars

St. Baldrick's via CNN

Boy with brain tumor helps dad cope with pain

In June, a young boy named Gabe received life-saving brain surgery. But he felt self-conscious about the horseshoe-shaped scar that was left behind.

His dad,…

Augusta National golf course


Is golf exercise?

It's well-known that President-elect Donald Trump plays golf. In September, he told talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz that he wished he could play more. But in…

Changi Airport, rooftop swimming pool


Swimming, aerobics, racquet sports slash risk of death

Doctors often recommend daily physical activity, but does exercise actually help us live longer?

Magic mushrooms

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'Magic mushroom' chemical may help cancer patients

In search of solace, a man volunteered for a study in which he was given a synthetic version of psilocybin, a compound found in mind-altering "magic mushrooms,…

Used syringes

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CDC: Syringe exchanges help reduce rates of HIV

A new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, released Tuesday, finds that the use of syringe or needle exchanges has contributed to…

Flint River contamination

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Flint family says Navy is retaliating over water crisis

Lee Anne Walters and her family were the first in Flint, Michigan, to discover that there were astronomically high levels of lead in the water and alert the…

religion cross against blue sky

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Study: Religious thoughts trigger brain's reward systems

Most Americans, about 89%, say they believe in God, and some have felt God's presence while listening to a sermon or sensed time stand still while they were…


michael lorenzo/SXC

Oldest living person credits raw eggs to longevity

The oldest person in the world, Emma Morano of Italy, credits her longevity to a diet of raw eggs and ending her abusive marriage long before divorce was even…

Studying Zika virus

IOC/Fiocruz via CNN

Texas confirms local Zika transmission

Texas has become the second state in the continental United States to confirm a locally transmitted case of the Zika virus, state and federal health officials…

mom accused of injecting feces into son's IV


Mother injects feces to son's IV during cancer treatment

An Indiana mother is accused of injecting fecal matter into her 15-year-old son's IV bag while he was undergoing cancer treatments at Riley Hospital for…

Link between Alzheimer's, sleep


Clinical trials of promising Alzheimer's drug fails

A large trial of a drug to treat dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease has ended in failure after people receiving the treatment showed no significant…

forced feeding

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Woman wins right to refuse forced feedings

A woman battling a severe eating disorder won the right to refuse forced feedings in a New Jersey court on Monday, according to her attorney.

Judge Paul…