Message from WKBT General Manager Scott Chorski

Hi, I'm Scott Chorski, General Manager of News 8 and if you are a DISH Network subscriber, you are most likely aware of the ongoing negotiations between WKBT/News 8 and DISH Network.

The agreement WKBT has with DISH Network to carry our programming expires at midnight on Friday, March 16th.

WKBT doesn't want that to happen, and we've been actively negotiating and will continue doing so as long as DISH is willing.

But there is a good possibility we will not have completed those negotiations by Friday.

I seldom appear on the air, but felt the need to say something about our negotiation with DISH Network.

We at WKBT News 8 take very seriously our responsibility to provide the highest quality news, weather, sports, community service and entertainment programming to the communities we serve.

We provide 20 hours of local news and weather information each week with plans for 2.5 more in addition to CBS programming -- far more than DISH's description of News 8 as offering only "seasonally popular programming."

We know our viewers expect and value that programming.

We have the right to reasonable compensation for that programming from companies carrying it and reselling it.

Their "offer" to pay the same rates as "other competitors," is based on one, soon to expire, yet to be negotiated contract.

It is misleading.

Indeed we have reached agreements with every single cable provider in our TV market in the past 90 days.

We are not asking for anything out-of-line from DISH and hope to reach an agreement soon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Visit for information on how to contact DISH Network.

If negotiations fail you should consider calling DISH to request full credit for the local programming you now pay for.

Thanks for your support.