A man who won a local TV station's "Breaking Bad" contest has been arrested on drug charges.

Ryan Lee Carroll, 28, was arrested Tuesday after sheriff's deputies raided his home in San Carlos Park.

Just a few months earlier, Carroll appeared on Fort Myers TV station WBBH after winning a nationwide contest to meet the cast of the hit television show "Breaking Bad" -- which centers around the making of methamphetamine.

"It's just so addicting" Carroll said of the show. "It's such a good show. I think its addicting because people can relate to the main character."

He now faces a felony charge of possession of synthetic narcotics and a misdemeanor charge of keeping a shop or vehicle for dangerous drugs -- much like the characters in "Breaking Bad."

"It is bizarre, I'll give you that" neighbor Peter Ryther said. "If it turns out to be true, media certainly influences the way that we live, but I would imagine his dealings would have been before then."

Dozens of deputies conducted a search warrant at Carroll's home on New Year's Eve as neighbors watched.

"It was crazy. There had to be like 15 cop cars," said one witness. "And they were bringing out box after box of something."

That "something" is still unclear.