Your newly acquired pole-dancing move or other risque dance floor mating call ritual should probably be saved for your significant other or perhaps for just about anyone but your colleagues.

People are at the party to be in a social and non-threatening environment, not watch you work the floor like you're trying to pay the rent. You might think it is funny or cool, but co-workers and superiors from afar may have not received that particular memo. They might just write you off as unprofessional or inappropriate.

This goes for anything wild and freaky -- mosh-pit-type stuff and anything that might be seen as too fringe. Stick to low-key moves that will look very generic from a distance. It is OK to enjoy your time on the dance floor, just keep it in check.

Christmas holiday party worker drunk

No. 1: Get sloppy drunk
Employers occasionally keep their employees happy by throwing them a holiday party and figure it would look stingy if they did not provide some adult beverages as well.

After all, having alcohol at the holiday office party is probably as old a tradition as the office party itself. After all, isn't that what the holidays are all about: keeping up with tradition?

However, even though your employer might provide you with this once-per-year opportunity to drink like a champ, resist the urge to take them up on it. Do not allow yourself to get sloppy drunk -- complete with slurred speech, loss of balance, etc.

While to many, this may sound like a basic rule of thumb, a surprising amount of current stories still exist regarding employees abusing the free bar at the office party and living in infamy within their respective companies. Fun stories indeed; just don't let those stories be about you.

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