(NewsUSA) - America's most used drug -- caffeine -- is also one of its most maligned. The nation drinks more coffee than any other beverage, yet thoughts about the morning mood-booster remain mixed. Does coffee amp brain power or blood pressure? Does it cause or prevent disease?

Studies suggest that coffee's safe. An analysis of 10 studies showed that, contrary to popular thought, drinking coffee doesn't increase health disease risk. In fact, one Iowa Women's Health Study of 27,000 women found that drinking moderate amounts of coffee -- no more than three cups per day -- reduced cardiovascular risk by 24 percent.

Harvard Women's Health Watch reported that drinking coffee lowers the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, gallstones and Parkinson's disease. Caffeine enhances physical endurance and mental alertness. Coffee also contains antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage and boost immune function.

Of course, coffee does have its drawbacks. Dark beverages can stain teeth, and coffee proves no exception. Too many, coffee can result in irritability, insomnia and upset stomachs.

Unless, that is, Americans choose to drink acid-free coffee, which promises all the benefits of a fresh cuppa without any unwanted side effects. Tyler's Coffees (www.tylerscoffees.com) uses a unique roasting process to remove the acid from 100 percent arabica beans. The roasting process ensures high quality, smooth, bold brews that don't aggravate upset stomachs. The acid-free formula is gentle on tooth enamel, too.

Tyler's Coffee contains more caffeine than other brands, but also comes in decaf. Its acid-free formula allows Americans to enjoy their coffee black, avoiding the heavy creams and syrups many people use to mask bitter-tasting brews.

Americans hoping to enjoy coffee's health benefits should stick to one to three cups a day, since more coffee does not mean increased protection. Caffeine proves the most energizing in small doses -- it is better to drink two or three ounces every few hours than twenty-one ounces at breakfast.