By Pure Matters

If you've ever squinted to see that next line on the eye chart clearly, join the crowd. Is that an "E" or an "F"? If you can't tell, it's probably time for an eye exam. How much do you know about your eyes? Take this quiz and find out.

1. When can a baby focus?

a. at birth

b. 6 weeks

c. 3 months

d. 6 months

2. When should children have their first eye exam?

a. 6 months

b. 2 years of age

c. 4 years of age

d. 6 years of age

3. How do tears benefit the eyes?

a. by moistening them

b. by coating them with antibodies

c. by delivering nutrients to them

d. a and b

4. What does 20/20 vision mean?

a. can see objects clearly at 20 feet

b. can see objects clearly at 20 yards

c. can see objects clearly at 20 inches

d. can see clearly at 20 feet in right eye and left eye

5. Which of these computer users are more likely to have focusing problems?

a. first-time users

b. young adults