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No. 3: Theme a party around your movie

The great thing about technology these days is that more and more of us have kicked-up home theaters. Giant plasma TVs and Blu-ray players are pretty common, so why not invite your friends and family over for a party?

You can go all Martha Stewart and base a party theme on the movie you select -- dress up in your '60s or '70s finery, serve chocolates and shrimp and have a "Forrest Gump" party.

If you want to make your kids happy, get them dressed up as their favorite toy and have a "Toy Story" themed party.

If you were really adventurous, you could turn the themed party into a festival: Rather than just watch one movie, why not watch all the "Star Wars" movies? If you have some especially geeky friends, the costumes alone will be priceless.

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