Justin Harris SUV

How hot did it get for Ga. toddler in SUV?

Open a car door on a summer day, and a sauna blast will quickly remind you just how seethingly, sticky hot it can get inside in little time. It's suffocating.

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July TNT

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Holmen teacher goes above and beyond

Nealy all of Jackie Guetschow's fellow teachers at Viking Elementary in Holmen describe her as "an amazing lady."

Riverside International Friendship Gardens

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News 8 Eye Piece: Calm After the Storm

During this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt visits the peaceful Riverside International Friendship…

Great River Shakespeare Festival

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News 8 Eye Piece: The Play is the Thing

The Great River Shakespeare Festival runs from June 25 to August 3 in Winona.


  • Pope Francis with Pope Emeritus Benedict

    Osservatore Romano / Reuters

    World Cup finals: It's Pope versus pope

    Will the World Cup finals become a Holy War? At the very least, Sunday's World Cup match could put millions of Catholics -- not to mention Vatican employees --…




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Be a Logger for a Day this summer where you could go to batting practice and hang out with the team. Write to News 8 and tell us why you want to be Logger for…

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As service members transition to civilian life, it's important for employers to recognize the value veterans bring to the workforce.

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    TheCompassionProject.me is a community resource website on bullying and how we can be a more compassionate community.


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