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News 8 Eye Piece: Halloween

Our News 8 photographers got video of spooky, scary and silly scenes in the Coulee Region.

Garrett “Gman” Williamson and Kelly Gardner


In Search Of....Gman and Kelly Part 1

Garrett “Gman” Williamson and Kelly Gardner have been friends since 5th grade. Watch how their bond is helping Garrett…

School Lunch


Assignment: Education - High demand of local beef in school lunch

West Salem and Bangor School Districts see an increase in hot lunch participation after serving locally raised beef.


  • New frog in New York

    Brian Curry/Rutgers University

    New species of frog found in ... NYC

    New York is famous for its singular residents: Loudmouthed taxi drivers. Hirsute Brooklyn hipsters. Upper East Side patrons of the arts.


  • Kevin Smith clerks

    REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

    Kevin Smith ready to film 'Clerks III'

    The news about "Clerks III" just keeps getting better.

    Writer and director Kevin Smith recently gave an update on the project while speaking with "Clerks"…



  • House of Representatives, Capitol

    Burke Buckhorn/CNN

    Senate control hinges on turnout

    Democrats aiming to keep the Senate are facing tough odds in next week's election with their chances depending on convincing a surge of women and…


  • Teen boy depressed thinking


    Is the 'be a man' stereotype hurting boys?

    Why did he do it?

    That's what so many of us are asking after Jaylen Fryberg, a popular freshman, opened fire on classmates during lunch at Marysville-Pilchuck…


  • Internet security malware

    REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

    Americans pay more for slower Internet

    When it comes to Internet speeds, the U.S. lags behind much of the developed world.

    That's one of the conclusions from a new report by the Open Technology…




  • Kilauea lava flow


    Hawaii volcano: Lava flow stalls

    The lava flow has slowed, if not stalled altogether.

    Still, authorities warned Thursday that the threat to eastern Hawaii residents -- much like the oozing,…


  • SpaceShipTwo debris close-up

    REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

    A 'hard,' deadly day for space tourism

    With the same peril that the Wright Brothers faced in becoming the first men to fly planes, mankind's quest for space tourism is also fraught with deadly…

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