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News 8 Eye Piece


News 8 Eye Piece: Year in Review

Every Friday we shared the ‘News 8 Eye Piece,' and this is a look back at the past year.

For Goodness Sake


Assignment: Education - For Goodness Sake

Logan High School student collects items for La Crosse County program


In Search Of...Audra's Animals

One Sparta family's holiday is a little brighter this year because of the legacy of one amazing girl.


  • Jim Beam bourbon

    Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

    Jim Beam born to Jack Daniels

    Here's one baby name that probably won't make it on this year's most popular list: Jim Beam.


  • Christian Bale Exodus Gods and Kings

    Craig Barritt/Getty Images

    Egypt bans movie 'Exodus'

    Another Hollywood movie is running afoul of a foreign government this month.

    "Exodus: Gods and Kings" was banned in Egypt.

    "The Ministry of Culture bans the…


  • Comanche

    Brendan Thorne/Getty Sport

    Comanche makes fast start to yachting classic

    It's the super yacht with a super model and her billionaire tycoon husband as its joint owners and the 100ft supermaxi Comanche lived up to expectations with a…







  • Before and after Indonesia mosque

    Dimas Ardian, Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

    Rising from the debris of the 2004 tsunami

    Ten years ago, a towering wall of water engulfed cities across the Indian Ocean, ravaging communities as far afield as Thailand, Indonesia, Somalia and…


  • XBox Live screen


    PlayStation exec: It was a cyberattack

    A Sony executive said Saturday that a cyberattack was to blame for the network woes that have been plaguing PlayStation and others since Christmas Day.


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