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Common Core


Assignment: Education - The Big Three: Common Core

New standards for math and English language arts

Making Snow


News 8 Eye Piece: Making Snow

Mount La Crosse started making snow last week and have been making it around the clock since then.

Worthy and Gospel Rigelsky


In Search Of...Rigelsky Adoption

November is National Adoption Month. Find out how two children found their forever home in the Coulee Region.




  • Brazilian soccer legend Pele

    Nacho Doce/Reuters

    Fears over Pele's health downplayed

    Concerns over Brazilian soccer legend Pele's health have been downplayed by the 74-year-old's representatives after his condition was feared to have worsened.



  • Thanksgiving, turkey, meal, Christmas, holiday


    9 facts you didn't know about Turkey Day

    When the guests around your Thanksgiving table are busy stuffing their bellies today, here's one way to break the lull in conversation: dazzle them with some…


  • Oil pump

    Tracy Sabo/CNN

    Oil prices crash below $70

    Oil prices came crashing down Thursday to trade below $70 per barrel after OPEC announced it was leaving oil production levels unchanged.


  • Weather NY bridge

    REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

    A reason to give thanks: Nasty storm's gone

    It was a hellish holiday travel night Wednesday, with hundreds of flights canceled and thousands delayed by a punishing nor'easter.

    But the silver lining for…


  • Google logo on computer screen

    Robert Galbraith/Reuters

    European Parliament votes for Google breakup

    The European Parliament has voted to break up Google and weaken its dominance across the region.

    Google controls about 90% of all Web searches in Europe, and…

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