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News 8 Eye Piece: Bringing Music Back Around


News 8 Eye Piece: Bringing Music Back Around

Record Store Day is this Saturday, where fans of vinyl records celebrate the music format.



News 8 Eye Piece: Record Day

Record Store Day is on Saturday, when fans of vinyl record celebrate the music format.

Alternative Seating


Assignment: Education - Alternative Seating

Balance ball chairs help some students focus in the classroom.


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Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor: Worlds Apart

Pick the Survivor contestant who you think will be voted off this week for your chance to win!

Logger for a Day

Be a Logger for a Day this summer where you could take batting practice, challenge Louie and do everything the Loggers players do.

Hire A Hero

As service members transition to civilian life, it's important for employers to recognize the value veterans bring to the workforce.

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