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May's Top Notch Teacher: Britta Rotering

Consumer Sciences teacher pushes students find their confidence

Debbie Clements receives hug from students


In Search Of...A Super Lunch Hero!

 In honor of "School Lunch Hero Day," we pay tribute to a beloved lunch lady in La Crosse.

Recycling Pals


Assignment: Education - Recycling Pals

A La Crosse elementary school student wants her classmates to be kind to the Earth year-round


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Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor: Worlds Apart

Pick the Survivor contestant who you think will be voted off this week for your chance to win!

Logger for a Day

Be a Logger for a Day this summer where you could take batting practice, challenge Louie and do everything the Loggers players do.

Hire A Hero

As service members transition to civilian life, it's important for employers to recognize the value veterans bring to the workforce.

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The Compassion Project

  • Community Resource Website is a community resource website on bullying and how we can be a more compassionate community.